No.1 mobile deck screen on the market
Unique features in one screen
The strongest equipment in its class
The right investment for your business
EYDE SCREEN The No.1 mobile deck screen on the market

The Viking mobile deck screen is designed to be the most productive, low-cost, extra tough equipment on the market.

The capacity of the Viking is so impressive, no other machine can compete with us.

The Viking is one affordable screen for any business.

Easy set up and use, long operation with no breakdowns.

The new 2019 full hydraulic drive model is now available, check this on our site!!

Unique features in one screen
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EYDE SCREEN Unique features in one screen

Extra screening surface

Outstanding screening Capacity

Rosta Swiss vibrating system

Conveyor belt

Top Quality diesel Engine

Portable wheeled Unit

These features makes the Viking the best equipment on the market!

The strongest equipment in its class
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EYDE SCREEN The strongest equipment in its class

The Viking is the affordable mobile deck screen, yet still the toughest equipment on the market.

The design is simple, focusing on avoiding any breakdowns and providing trouble free operation.

The Viking has a strong metal frame construction, using only quality components, smooth operation, even on difficult sites or weather conditions.

Each unit is manufactured and quality controlled to the highest standards and delivered to the customer in a ready to work condition.

Viking is the right investment for your business
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EYDE SCREEN Viking is the right investment for your business

The Viking has a 3 m surface screen, which provides an incredible capacity up to 120 m3/hour.

The Viking is an extremely tough piece of equipment with a reliable engine, the Viking will operate for your business non-stop.

Rock, top soil, wood, gravel, sand, stone, compost, asphalt, waste are no problem for the Viking.

With three separate grades of screening material, the conveyor belt can stockpile the material up to 3 metres high and no need to drive over the finished product, the equipment can stay in operation with minimal downtime. The robust and resilient design of the equipment ultimately enhances its reliability so breakdowns are a thing of the past.

Long operation, low maintenance, brings more money for your business!

The No.1 mobile deck screen on the market
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About us

EYDESCREEN is the sister company of the traditional Norwegian enterprise EYDEMASKIN. The origins of our company’s history dates back to the beginning of the 20th Century, when Sam Eyde, the successful engineer, inventor and entrepreneur started his business life. The most important ethos of Sam Eyde is the strong focus on research and innovation. Eydemaskin still govern its business by these important characteristics. New innovation and the constant aim to produce advanced equipments for the industry help us to be one of the leading screen manufacturers.

WE MANUFACTURE the market leading mobile deck screen. Our screens are chosen by those who are looking for a quality product at an affordable price with excellent capacity. EYDESCREEN and the VIKING Mobile Deck Screen are highly recommended for the recycling industry, constructions and agricultural, compost plants, golf courses. EYDESCREEN always provides high quality support for customers and dealers.

OUR VISION is to develop the best product together with the best available price and conditions, wherever screening is required.

For any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The VIKING Mobile Deck Screen

The Viking is designed for an outstanding screening capacity, to make your business more profitable using our ultra durable, efficient equipment.

The Viking is a portable wheeled, double deck vibrating screen, screening top soil, gravel, compost, sand or other waste materials.

See the unique features and the specifications of the VIKING:

Extra screening surface
The only 3 m surface screen on the market
Top Quality Diesel Engine
YANMAR 3cyl diesel supplies the power to the VIKING, reliable , strong and durable engine ensures efficient screening.
Unique Rosta Oscillating technology
Using Swiss Rosta system makes the VIKING the best productive deck screen on the market.
Outstanding Screening Capacity
Up to 120 m3/hour
Conveyor Belt
stockpile conveyor up to 3 m
Portable wheeled unit
The VIKING is easily towable in any off road situation. The wide profiled, well sized wheels run easily even over the most difficult surface and weather conditions.
Low Maintenance
The VIKING is built to have the lowest maintenance possible. Our product will be your strong, reliable partner during screening.

The Viking comes with two standard sized mesh screens, which are easy to change to any specific size on request. Using the optional shoots, the VIKING can screen 3 separate grades of waste materials by every screen cycle.

The VIKING is powered by an excellent YANMAR 3 cyl diesel engine. Long hours of trouble free operation are guaranteed. The VIKING is an easily towable, mobile deck screen. The big size wheels make it easy to move even on the most impassable of terrains.

The fine product stays stockpiled right at the end of the unique, extra long conveyor belt, ensuring an easy and long operation without any breaks for clearing. During the operation there is never any need to drive over the finished materials. The outstanding capacity is provided by the 3 m large screening surface, the unique Swiss vibrating technology and the full hydraulic drive to avoid any unnecessary breakdowns.

Warranty Policy:

We are proud to manufacture a top quality screen. Therefore we make sure, that our product is free of any defects from materials or workmanship. Special quality control check by each unit before delivery, also strict regulation during the manufacturing are used to produce a safe and reliable unit for our customers.

The VIKING screener body and the screen deck with the conveyor are warranted for 12 months. All other components are warranted by their representative dealers. This warranty is only valid by proper installation and use.

The VIKING Mobile Deck screen fulfil the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC requirements.

We are sure, VIKING is the right investment for your business to beat your competitors and make more profit!


We are uploding the first feedbacks regarding our new 2019 VIKING screen as soon as we will receive them from our clients.

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